Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Tulip Time

In recent weeks, the stars of the garden have undoubtedly been the tulips.  I planted lots of tulip bulbs last October, but I still want more!  Guess I will be planting bulbs again this coming autumn! :)
I have had Queen of the Night in my garden for many years.

This graceful white bluebell has made an unexpected appearance in the garden.  I have blue ones, but this is new.

The Tiarella is living up to its common name of Foam Flower
and producing masses of frothy flowers around the garden.
I wasn't expecting these tulips to be so yellow, but they have grown on me and the yellow seems to fade slightly.
These pink tulips look so pretty ...
... beside these pure white daffodils.

The hardy geraniums are beginning to bloom.  The bees really like these.
Some of my tulips are dwarf varieties.
The height difference works well in the borders.

I love the pale green of Tellima Grandiflora with its delicate white fringes.

Bergenia, also known as Elephant's Ears with its big, big leaves is another good contrast for foliage.

The Pheasant's Eye daffodil is a favourite of mine.
The white on this tulip almost looks like a lace edging.

This dainty clematis Oberon is so very fragrant by the patio door.
it almost equals the fragance of the wisteria.

 This gorgeous little Geum Rivale has a second bloom in the centre.
 The first flowers of London Pride Saxifraga are opening.  This has long been a favourite flower for me.  
And also just beginning to open are the Alliums that I planted last year.
 We just need some more sunshine to encourage them!


Vintage Jane said...

I have no tulips in my garden! I have seen so many beautiful examples over the past week or so that I feel my garden is seriously lacking and have made a note to plant some this year! My Aliums are just about to burst forth too - they are my favourites.
M x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi M, I too love alliums and I'm looking forward to their blooms. Best wishes, Pj x

Kezia said...

Tulips are my Mums favourite flowers - I think she would love your garden! The colours are amazing, especially on the purple flowers.