Monday, 13 May 2013

The Birthday Girl

Each time it is my daughter's birthday I look back to the day she was born and I became a Mum.
Today I have been reminiscing over her birthday photos ...
8lbs and 2oz.  Born at 3:42am!
1st Birthday
This rocking horse was her present from us.  I hired a number 1 tin and baked her first birthday cake.  Grandma and Grandad came to stay for the weekend, as they have for many of my children's birthdays.
2nd Birthday
She had a tricycle for her birthday.  Family and friends came for a BBQ to help us celebrate her 2nd birthday.  She loved Sesame Street at the time, hence the Ernie on the 2 she is picking up.
3rd Birthday
She was crazy for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  Guess who was on her cake?  Her favourite dwarf was Grumpy!  :)
4th Birthday
We were on holiday in Cornwall for the week.  We spent the day at Trethorne Leisure Farm.  This is her first pony ride.  Jay had one too across the yard whilst I held on to him.
5th Birthday
We had just moved into our new house, so she had a Barbie party with her school friends in our old home before we packed up and on her birthday she had a Toy Story cake.
6th Birthday
Fay has always loved rabbits, so this year I made a "rabbit" chocolate cake.  I think there was a trip to Legoland soon after.
7th Birthday
In-line skates, a Fun House party and a Peter Rabbit cake.
8th Birthday
A joint present with Jay (so, no fighting!) of a PlayStation, a tea party with best friends and an 8-shaped cake with pink marzipan rabbits hopping amongst the flowers.
9th Birthday
More rabbits, including a real one!  This was the year that Pokemon also entered our lives!  Fay was a big fan, so we had a Pokemon tea party with her BF and grandparents, before going to the Fun House.
10th Birthday
Double figures.  As well as more Ty Beanie rabbits, she started collecting Swarovski crystal animals and spent her birthday money on an aquamarine and gold necklace.  The lady in the jewellers was very impressed that she choose such a adult purchase.  My baby is growing up fast!
11th Birthday
Bowling and a "snake" cake as Fay loves snakes.  She held a Rosy Boa Constrictor when she was quite young with no fear at all and has loved them ever since.
12th Birthday
We spent the day at a leisure farm and had a picnic.  In the evening there was birthday cake - carrot cake with marzipan bunnies nibbling marzipan carrots.
13th Birthday
A teenager!  Still into rabbits ... and dragons!  I made a chocolate dragon cake and covered him in chocolate button scales.  He sat on his hoard of treasure of gem-coloured sweeties.
14th Birthday
Her cake was a "make-up bag" with real cosmetics decorating the top.
15th Birthday
For some reason I can't find the photos from this month :( , I'm wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that we changed to a digital camera that June - who knows maybe these photos are still on the roll of film in the old camera - I will have to investigate!  A couple of weeks before her birthday she went on a school trip to New York and this is a photo of her there.
16th Birthday
Sweet 16!  Heavily into manga and anime so I decorated her cake with a painting of some manga characters.  Her main gift was a writing tablet for her artwork.
17th Birthday
Here she is wearing her new Trollbead necklace complete with a silver dragon and the black and white beads she liked.  I took the black and white theme for the icing and made 17 individual cakes.  Her boyfriend joined us for a celebratory meal at home on the day.
18th Birthday
18 and a special gift of a Trollbead bracelet to match her necklace.  Her cake was of 3 tiers of butterflies and we went out for a meal the following weekend with both pairs of grandparents.  She didn't want a party so we arranged a surprise family holiday to Paris and visited Disneyland as Fay likes all things Disney.
19th Birthday
Carrot cake and a BBQ, plus more beads for her bracelet ... like mother, like daughter! :)
20th Birthday
No longer a teenager!  My goodness, I feel old!
Her cake was layers of graduated pink.
21st Birthday
And now she has turned 21!
I feel lucky that she wanted to return home for the week, from uni, to spend her birthday with us.  We are all looking forward to her birthday treat which we have planned for half term and to having her home again for the week.
I love the fact that blogging enables me to save my memories, so that in years to come I look back at them and hopefully remember more of that time.  Thank you for taking this trip down memory lane with me, I plan to do the same for my son's birthdays when he turns 18 next month.
Best wishes, Pj x

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