Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Bird Garden?

I'm thinking I should have called my blog The Bird Garden, as the garden has been filled with the frenetic activity of birds feeding and collecting nest material - I took all of these photos yesterday.
Having previously said that we don't usually get Starlings in the garden, we now regularly have six of them squabbling over this feeder.
They are quite acrobatic birds, often hanging upside down on the coconut shell.
 The Blackbirds have been busy collecting worms from the lawn
and digging in the mud.
 The Nuthatch frequently swoops in for a meal.
The House Sparrows flock to the seed
 and collect aphids from my roses. :)
 The Blue Tits have been collecting nest material from our door mat,

 whilst the Great Tits seem to prefer the cobwebs on the fence for their nest.
They also check out the wisteria
 and pots for insects.
 We get a few Wood Pigeons too.
 The Robins are often on the feeders or picking up fallen seed on the driveway.
 New to the garden are the Goldfinches.  As yet I have only seen them each day in the front garden.
 Also new to the front garden are a pair of Blackcaps.
Here is one sharing a meal with a female Sparrow.
My Husband also saw a Greater Spotted Woodpecker on our fence the other morning!
 But on second thoughts, maybe I'll stick with The Snail Garden.
Luckily for this little Garden Snail there weren't any Song Thrushes around! ;)


Mac n' Janet said...

What a variety of birds you have, hated the snail picture, I have a phobia about snails, they terrify me, don't know why, they just do.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Janet, sorry about the snail photo - to be honest I would much rather have my garden snails than your backyard crocs! :) Best wishes, Pj x

Kackers said...

WOW. How lovely to have all those birds. My cats scare all the birds out of my place. :(

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Kackers, yes we are very lucky to have so many birds in our garden. Unfortunately Maurice has been a naughty boy a couple of times recently! Best wishes, Pj x