Sunday, 6 October 2013

Days 273 to 279

Oops ... getting a bit behind again with posting my 365 photos!
Here is a whole week's worth of what has been happening in my world:-
Day 273 of 365
My current reading material.  I have just finished "The Long Earth" by Terry Pratchett and I am now halfway through "A Blink of the Screen."  Next I will be reading the third book in "The Broken Man" series by Russell Kirkpatrick.  This is the first series of his books that I have read and I find them totally absorbing.
Day 274 of 365
At work I am making two more displays.  Both of which are designed to encourage more children to read the Phoenix comic that we have in the library.
Day 275 of 365
On Wednesday poor Ella had to go to the vets to have her teeth cleaned and to have two extractions.  I put a bowl of food down for her when we returned home and it disappeared so fast!  She was glad to be home again! :)
Day 276 of 365
In my world October means it's pumpkin time.  These "Jack Be Little" pumpkins are this month's centrepiece on our dining-table.
Day 277 of 365
Flower of the month in our garden has to be the Michaelmas Daisy.  The bees are loving them too.
Day 278 of 365
On a trip to Winchester, to collect my anniversary gift, we noticed that it was Harvest Festival time at the cathedral. As entry was free we popped in for a mosey around.  This fearsome lion on the front of the cathedral caught my eye.
Day 279 of 365
Such a lovely hot day, just perfect for working on our patio.  This morning I ripped out all the summer bedding from the hanging baskets and pots.  It seems a shame as they were still in full flower, but we may soon have a visit from Jack Frost and then they would be over.  I have planted up my pots and front basket with violas and grasses.  Keeping it simple this year and free!  I had vouchers for the violas and the grasses had self-seeded themselves around the garden.
So that was my week.  I hope you all had a good week.  Best wishes, Pj x

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