Wednesday, 2 October 2013


Our local museum holds some very interesting exhibitions and a recent one was aptly named Dazzle.  Displayed was a collection of exquisitely beaded dresses from the 1920's:-
Tabard, Tunic or Overdress - c1923-7
Black net decorated with sequins to imitate peacock feathers.
Weight: 362g
Black Open Weave Cotton Dress c1927
Decorated with vermicelli pattern and beaded boss on hip.
Weight: 1.02kg.
Black Silk Chiffon Dress c1926-8
Egyptian-influenced decoration of bold Art Deco motifs.
Weight: 268g.
Yellow Georgette Dress c1926
Unusual Edwardian country garden style motif, with silver borders.
Weight: 870g.
Short Beaded Shift Dress c1928
Oriental influenced pattern with beaded hip band and handkerchief pointed hem at sides.
Weight: 1.02kg.
Shrimp Pink Crepe Dress c1920s
With satin panel, trimmed with diamante and glass beads in stylized Greek design.
Weight: 698g.
Light Green Chiffon Beaded Dress c1925
Diamante and bugle bead comet design.  Swag detail similar to Greek& Roman tunics.
Weight: 536g.
Blue Crepe Evening Dress c1926
Faded blue dress with strong Art Deco motifs.
Weight:  438g.
Tabard Style Overdress c1920s
Cream net covered with sequins, bugle beads and rocailles.
Weight: 566g
Light Green Chiffon Dress c1925-7
Tabard dress with diamond shaped godets of green chiffon and fringe of silver beads.
Short Cream Dress & Evening Jacket c1920s
Silk dress with small mother of pearl buttons at collar and dropped waist skirt.
Raglan sleeved jacket (back view) decorated with gold bugle beads and pink rocailles.
Weight:  1.42kg
Blue Chiffon Straight Cut Dress c1926
Entirely made of blue sequined strips of material held together with faggotting.
Weight:  900g.
Pink Chiffon Sleeveless Shift Dress c1925
Abstract design of Oriental influence.
Pale Blue Dress c1925-7
Cotton gauze encrusted with gold and white beads, with insets of pink fabric dots.
Pale Pink Chiffon Dress c1924-6
Dress with gored skirt, decorated with glass beads and silver thread.
Short Beaded Cotton Dress c1925-8
Sequined and beaded dress with triangular gored skirt.
Black Silk Dress c1925
Decorated with black, silver and white beads in a bold Egyptian inspired design of peacock like feathers that lead down to an exaggerated vandyked hemline.
Weight:  1.02kg.
Chiffon Evening Coat c1920's & Matching Evening Dress c1920-5
Cinnamon satin & toning chiffon evening dress with oriental beadwork design in coatdress effect.
Evening coat in brown and apricot, embroidered with gold thread and gold and silver beads in leaf pattern.  Lined with apricot chiffon.
Weight:  698g.
Salmon Pink Dress c1925-7
Decorated with pink and silver beads with silver beaded fringe.  Constructed in 3 layers.
Weight:  914g.
Silver Lame Dress c1920-5
Decorated with faceted silver beads, diamante and grey bugle beads.  Skirt has floating panels of green georgette.  Label:  Harvey Nicholls, Knightsbridge.
Weight:  720g.
Black Silk Chiffon Dress c1923-5
Printed design of tulips and palms with beadwork detail.
Weight:  508g.

There were also shoes, bags and other accessories on display.

And yes that is my Husband sitting patiently in the background waiting for me! :)


Jooles said...

Oh my goodness ..... beautiful, it's just like Downton!
love jooles xxx

Maria said...

Hello PJx I was thinking of you and your sweet blog just recently! LOVE this era of fashion with all it's glamour and splendour.....How interesting to see all those frocks and those Mary Jane's too! Happy October greetings to you ! Hugs Maria x

Aril said...

PJ- Those dresses are just glorious. I used to have one but funnily enough I donated it to our local museum so that others could enjoy it aswell!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Aril, yes those dresses were gorgeous, it was a wonderful opportunity to see them up close. I'm sure that many people will be glad that you donated such a dress to your local museum. Best wishes, Pj x

Vintage Jane said...

Wow ... the dresses are absolutely divine. I so wish I could visit for myself. M x

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