Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Days 294 to 302

Playing catch-up again with my 365 photos! This batch sees me past the 300 mark! Wow, I can't quite believe that there are only two months left of both my photo challenge and the year!  It's a little scary to think that in a couple of months Christmas will have been and gone!
Day 294 of 365
A quick display at school.  I literally just hacked at some black sugar paper as time was short!
Day 295 of 365
It may be October, but my roses are still in bloom. So far it has been quite mild here.
Day 296 of 365
I fell in love with these sheepskin boots earlier this month and couldn't resist going back to buy them!  I don't know how practical they are in wet weather, but my feet will be toasty.  Ella was very interested in them when I took them out of the bag.
Day 297 of 365
Our new mattress has arrived ... vacuum-packed!  It was funny to see it rise to its full depth once on our bed.
Day 298 of 365
I have been busy knitting this bat for a Halloween Swap.  I finished him on Friday and whisked him to the post office just before closing time.
Day 299 of 365
Up North to see our babies.  We had a lovely weekend together (which I will post about separately).  On Saturday we visited some gardens and saw this giant wicker cat on a shed roof.
Day 300 of 365
Rock-a-Bully at the Bullring, where we went shopping on Sunday.
Day 301 of 365
Driving home Monday afternoon after the storm had passed.  For those of you outside of the UK, Sunday night a storm hit our shores with higher than usual winds.  We missed it where we were, but some places were badly hit as trees fell down and took power lines with them.
Day 302 of 365
A lovely sunny day.  No work as it is half term here, so I spent the day in the garden.  The clocks went back at the weekend, so by 5pm it was too dark to see what I was doing!  I have started to dig up my dahlias for the winter and I brought a few blooms indoors.  Some dahlias are still in the garden as they have lots of flowers on them, but I must lift them before the frosts.
As you can see I have some Halloween decorations out; maybe I should have lit that candle as the lighting in the photo looks dark!  :)

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