Monday, 14 October 2013

RAF Museum London

On Saturday my BFF and her husband came down to London and we arranged to meet with them at the RAF Museum London.
 Both of our husbands are keen on aeroplanes, so it was very much a boys day out.
Sopwith Camel
P-51 Mustang

 Halifax W1048
This plane was shot down by anti-aircraft guns as it bombed the Tirpitz.
 Avro Lancaster
 N and Lancaster 
The boys and a Wessex Helicopter
The engineer working out how helicopters operate!
Hawker Hart Trainer
Curtiss Kittyhawk III

We also went into the Battle of Britain Hall:-
Boulton Paul Defiant
Bristol Blenheim IV
Enigma Machine
Heinkel He111-H
Junkers Ju88
Messerschmitt Bf110
Fiat CR42 Falco
L beside the Sunderland
And many, many more aeroplanes! :)  Joking aside, it really is an interesting museum and we all had a great day out; especially these two very happy boys! :)

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