Monday, 14 October 2013

Days 283 to 286

Keeping up with my 365 photos:-
Day 283 of 365
October and I'm still picking wild strawberries from the garden. :)
Day 284 of 365
And the roses are still in bloom, as are lots of other flowers - I'm hoping the frosts hold off for a while yet.
Day 285 of 365
My BFF.  Saturday we met up with L and her husband at the RAF Museum London.  The "boys" were very happy bunnies, but L and I agreed that there are only so many aeroplanes that you can be enthusiastic over in one day! :)  Having said that, we did find it very interesting.
Day 286 of 365
How relaxed can a cat get?!  Maurice snoozing upside down on my Husband's lap.

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