Monday, 21 October 2013

Days 289 to 293

Day 289 of 365
Oscar the owl letting us know which way to go to find our yurt.
Day 290 of 365
Fossil hunting on Charmouth beach.  My husband created a dinosaur! :)
Day 291 of 365
Didn't expect to see this sign!  It has been kept by the cafe that is here.  Of course we stopped for coffee.
Day 292 of 365
Back home, but out for an afternoon walk along the Kenneth & Avon Canal.
Day 293 of 365
Sweet flower arrangement from my friend G.  She looked after our kitties whilst we were away and left this gift for our return.


Jelly Jam said...

Oooh a trip to my neck of the woods. Hope you had a lovely time and big Congratulations on your 25!
Ellie x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Ellie. We had a wonderful time. Will post some piccies soon. Best wishes, Pj x