Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Days 10 to 14 of 365

Continuing my 365 photo challenge:-

10 of 365
Poor Mini had a slight cold (leaves in her filter) and had to go to the garage for a check-up.
11 of 365
Another Maurice related photo:  His thieving ways bit him on the bum when he stole some peanuts - they were chilli flavoured!  Will he have learnt his lesson?  Probably not!! :)
12 of 365
I spent all of my Saturday cutting out silhouettes for a school display.  I drew onto grease-proof paper and taped it onto the sugar paper so that there wouldn't be any pencil marks on the finished papercut.
13 of 365
Snowdrops; the first wild flowers that I have seen locally.
14 of 365
A robin perched on a tree in our front garden, yesterday morning whilst there was snow.
Almost halfway through the first month - it's scary how time flies!
Best wishes, Pj x


Vintage Jane said...

The paper cut is amazing ... what patience you must have. Lovely robin!

Down by the sea said...

Hehho PJ, Thank you for becoming my latest follower and for introducing me to your lovely blog, your photos are stunning. I shall enjoy visiting you too.
Those snowdrops are so lovely.
Sarah x

Maria said...

Hello Pj, what a lovely post and I agree that paper cut is amazing!Your snowy day pictures are like wonderland... Ahh Snow drops, can't wait to see them peeping through. Take time to dream ~ Love Maria x

thesnailgarden said...

Hello and welcome to my blog Sarah. Thank you Jane and Maria for your lovely comments about my papercuts-they were rather addictive! Best wishes, Pj x

Jooles said...

Your photos are just beautiful, as are the snowdrops.
Wow you must have a very steady hand, that paper cut is incredible!
Wishing you a happy weekend
love jooles xxx

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Jooles, thank you for your lovely comment. Hope you are keeping warm and safe. Best wishes, Pj x