Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Days 26 to 29 of 365

Nearly the end of the first month of my 365 photo challenge!

26 of 365
At the weekend it was Big Garden Birdwatch and I choose a sunny hour to watch the birds from my kitchen window.  I saw 2 blackbirds, 2 robins, 1 coal tit, 2 great tits, 2 blue tits, 6 sparrows, 2 long-tailed tits and 1 wood pigeon.
27 of 365
As part of my new fitness regime I am trying to walk more.  Sunday we walked to the nearest garden centre to buy some seeds.  The garden centre is approximately 1.5 miles away and we reached it just in time as a major hail storm occurred.  This is the sweet, little cat that lives at the garden centre.  We always look for her when we visit and stop for a fuss.
28 of 365
My orchid has flowered again! I have been waiting patiently for months and suddenly a new flower spike appeared.  The next bud is now opening.  Sorry for the poor photo quality, the light wasn't very good.
29 of 365
A new magazine.  I'm looking for inspiration for our/my main meals.  I'm the only vegetarian in our family, but my loved ones like the odd veggie meal.  My husband gets a bit twitchy if I give him too many though! :)

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