Sunday, 13 January 2013

January Nature Walk

 This afternoon my Husband and I went for a walk to see if there were any snowdrops out yet...

... they were just beginning to flower under the protection of the giant oaks.

There were also a lot of fungi,
 amongst the fallen logs and moss.
 We found some beautiful forms of lichen
and teasels standing tall.

The sun was out,

 but there was still a thin layer of ice on one of the ponds.
 Walking back into our village and the catkins were dancing in the wind
 and we discovered a bush covered in purple ivy flowers.
The sun has now set and there is the possibility of snow forecast for tonight, so tomorrow the landscape may look totally different.


Jelly Jam said...

Stunning photos Pj! Looks like a lovely walk. My girls are crossing everything for snow but i dont think it's likely here.

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Ellie, we have snow this morning. I love it! Hope your girls get their wish. Best wishes, Pj x