Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Days 21 to 25 of 365

The next five photos in my 365 challenge:-

21 of 365
The snow and ice started to thaw.  Icicles formed on the wisteria as the snow melted and dripped off the patio roof.
22 of 365
Unexpectedly we had more snow over night.  Just as I thought we had finished with the snow!  I decided to walk to the gym for a swim.
23 of 365
A snowy picture of a different kind!  We opened the tin of all-butter shortbread biscuits that my parents had given to us at Christmastime.  Not just any shortbread biscuits! ;) This is the beautiful stag on the lid.
24 of 365
Thursday involved a trip into town to try to sort out my new glasses.  Still not happy with them!  This is the town centre church looking very picturesque with its dusting of snow.  This is probably the last snowy photo you may be pleased to hear. :)
25 of 365
Finally on the last row of bobbles!  I'm not the fastest knitter and these bobbles have seemed never ending, but I have nearly completed the front of a cushion cover I am knitting for the rocking chair in our living-room.
Only six more photos left to take for January.  This also means that there are only six more days before I draw the winning name from the hat for my blogiversary giveaway.  If you wish to take part please click on the button in the sidebar.  Please join in the fun.  Best wishes, Pj x

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