Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Days 6 to 9 of 365

Continuing my 365 photo challenge:-
6 of 365
One of the joys of having an iPad is that I can sit it on the kitchen worktop and use recipes direct from the Internet without having to print off a paper copy.  This is a new recipe Double Amaretto Semifreddo - it is currently in the freezer.
7 of 365
Back to work for the first time since the Christmas holidays.  This is the view from my desk.
8 of 365
The dining table was looking bare after I had removed the Christmas decorations, so I made an impromptu centrepiece from a bowl of nuts and a candle.  This will slowly disappear as the nuts are eaten! :)
9 of 365
This morning I am doing my housework (see I said there would be boring bits!) and Maurice aka Cowardly Custard is hiding under a dining chair as he is afraid of the cleaner. Silly boy! :)

Tomorrow my blog is five years old and I am arranging a small giveaway, so please pop by and take part.  Best wishes, Pj x

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