Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Waking up to a ...

... winter wonderland.
This was how our garden looked Friday morning.  

I put extra food out for the birds.  This male blackbird was partial to the seeds and meal worms in fat.
 The house sparrows seem to prefer the seeds.

 This robin has learnt how to eat directly from the feeder rather than wait for the seeds to be dropped by other birds.
 The blue tits like all of the food.

 In fact the birds were queueing up for the food.  I'm now calling this the bird tree.
 My husband came home at lunchtime and we went for a walk through the village,

past frozen nests,

 collecting snowballs on bootlaces
 we entered a winter wonderland.  This place always makes me think of Narnia!
 The village pond was frozen
 My husband stopped to make a mini snowman on the bench by the pond. :)

We had a lovely walk. 

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