Monday, 21 January 2013

Days 15 to 20 of 365

This post is a real contrast between the sun and the snow.  I didn't intend it to be, but I immediately noticed it once I had uploaded the photos.
15 of 365
I finally managed to post a letter that had been waiting in the kitchen for a week!
16 of 365
Geraniums in flower on Jay's bedroom window sill, backlit by the afternoon sun.
17 of 365
The first primroses are in bloom in our garden.  The next day they were covered in about 4" of snow!
18 of 365
It's snowing!  Jay had to go into college for an exam and then he walked home at lunchtime, because the rest of the college was closed.  My husband came home from work at the same time and we had a lovely walk in the snow.  He made this mini snowman and sat him on the local bench.
19 of 365
The three of us went for a walk along a public footpath that borders these fields.  We won't be able to walk here for much longer as there are plans to build many houses on these fields. :(  We will enjoy it while we can.
20 of 365
A little more snow fell and we three intrepid explorers went for a long walk in the nearby woods.  We followed deer trails through the trees and walked tightrope-style along logs over streams and generally behaved half our age (and then some)! ;)  Whilst we were out we thought that the cats could do with some fresh air.  This is Maurice waiting on the fence for our return.  Ella was sitting on the mat keeping dry.
Will we get more snow I wonder?


Dawn said...

It's pretty early for primroses isn't it? I'm sure I haven't seen any yet - Or rather I hadn't before the snow arrived!

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Dawn, thank you for leaving a comment. Yes, the primroses are very early. For some reason the ones in my garden always flower in January. They are covered in snow now! Best wishes, Pj x