Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Oh my Ears and Whiskers ...

... it's still snowing and they have put me outside for some "fresh air"!!
Sunday afternoon we went for another walk and as the cats had been in for so long we thought a short time outside would be good for them! :)
We walked through the village,

 across the business park
 to these woods, crossing logs over streams
and having lots of fun going off piste rather than following the main tracks.
 The seed heads looks beautiful adorned with little clouds of snow.
 Back in the village, even the street lighting looked pretty in the snow.
I apologise for yet another snowy post, but I love walking out in it and I have been out each day. Hope you are all keeping warm and safe. Best wishes, Pj x

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Sue Pinner said...

Hehe..ours all hate the snow, and haven't been out for days, yesterday i think a couple of them ventured out for 5 minutes lol