Saturday, 16 November 2013

Canny CAL and other Crochet

Over the summer I was so busy that I didn't get the chance to pick up my crochet hook!  Now that things have quietened down here, I have been able to catch up on some much needed crafting.
I actually made four of these little toadstools - two for a friend and then I had to make two for myself! :)
I was very behind with the Canny CAL on Ravelry!  I had completed Week 16, but the remainder I have crocheted this month:-
Canny CAL Week 16
This Twisted Square pattern can be found on Ravelry,

 Canny CAL Week 17
as can this Garden Gate pattern.

 Canny CAL Week 18
I have been wanting to crochet an African Flower pattern for a while and week 18 provided the perfect opportunity to do so.

 Canny CAL Week 19
I got rather carried away with the frills on this Squiggly Ruffle Flower pattern and my bloom has turned out to be a double rather than a single flower.  I didn't read the pattern correctly, but in my defence it was late at night when I made the centres.

 Canny CAL Week 20
Weekend in Stockholm Square.  Not so late at night when I made these, so I paid closer attention to the pattern! :)

 Canny CAL Week 21
Sweet Sixteen Square - I added an extra treble to my popcorns to make them stand out more.

I nearly have enough squares for my second SIBOL blanket, so from now on I am only making one of each square.
Canny CAL Week 22
I think this Granny Maze Square is rather effective.
 Canny CAL Week 23
A Celtic Knot Square.  I'm not too sure whether I like this one or not.
 Canny CAL Week 24
This Pinwheel Star Square wasn't as difficult at it looks.  I think lots of these would make an amazing blanket.
The following squares are meant to be 12", but I have adapted mine to 6" to fit my blanket.
Canny CAL Week 25
Magic Spike Mandala Square
 Canny CAL Week 26
Granny On Point Square
I just need to crochet one more square and then I will have sufficient for another lap blanket.
Meanwhile I have started another cushion for my rocking chair.  I still had some leftover Aran yarn from the previous cushions I knitted, so I have decided to crochet two more.  This one is finished already, but I need a cushion inner before I photograph it.
Right, I'm off to start another project! ;) Pj x

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