Friday, 22 November 2013

Magic Loop Knitting

I am so in love with this method of knitting in the round!  I know that I am rather late to the party, but I hadn't heard of it before I started my latest knitting project.  So that I don't forget this method, I am going to try to post a photo tutorial:-
Step 1  ::  Choose the longest circular needles in correct size for project (my cable is 100cm).
 Step 2  ::  Cast on required amount of stitches (42 for this project).
Step  3  ::  Divide stitches in half and pull needle cable to create a "magic loop" at this point (I now have 21 stitches on each side of the cable loop).
Step  4  ::  Slide front portion of stitches (with starting tail) onto front/left hand needle.  Working tail is always at the back.
Step  5  ::  Pull enough cable through back portion of stitches to allow easy use of right hand needle.  Join into the round with cast on edge at the bottom of work, making sure that the knitting isn't twisted.
Step  6  ::  Work all of these stitches as required by project.
Step  7  ::  Then turn work so that the right hand needle with the recently worked stitches is at the back and slide the portion of stitches that are on the cable onto the new front/left needle.
Step  8  ::  Move stitches from back needle onto cable and pull enough cable out to use needle in right hand (as in Step 5).
Step  9  ::  Continue working in the round as per project pattern.
It sounds complicated, but it isn't if I can do it! :)


joanne said...

Great photo steps tutorial! And those purple mits are gorgeous!! jo x

Jackie said...

I am loving this method of knitting myself just now. It is fairly easy once you manage to get your head around it. Great tutorial :O)x

Campfire said...

I found this out just by accident when I was trying to knit my friend a floppy beanie (like all the kids have, she said) for my friend.

It was getting a bit fraught, going from one needle to another and I just had a go.

That's a very simple, easy to follow tutorial. I'll will keep looking at it as I'm going to be doing some more socks and I think it will be easier than a minute 9" circular which I have done some on.

thesnailgarden said...

So glad my tutorial is helpful CF. I found this method so easy compared to using dp needles. Best wishes, Pj x

The Squirrel Family said...

I too have just discovered this method there's a few videos on utube about toe up socks using the same method. I am almost ready to turn the heel :) your wristwarmers are great would love to see the beret oattern if at all possible