Monday, 4 November 2013

Days 305 to 307

Three more 365 photos - less than 60 left now!
Day 305 of 365
I have started my Christmas baking!  I always use Delia's classic recipe, but I prefer to use sherry rather than brandy as I find it makes the cake less rich.
Day 306 of 365
We popped into town Saturday afternoon and whilst there stopped to admire this sculpture.  Taking this photo, I felt like a tourist in my own town! :)
 Day 307 of 365
Sunday afternoon we decided to walk from Woodhenge to Stonehenge and back again, taking in the other historical sites in between.


joy said...

Oh wow, you're not that far from me, are you, I did wonder when you walked along the K&A. I'm in Warminster, love it. Dont recognise the sculpture though.
Joy x x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Joy, I just checked and we are approx 70 miles apart, so not far at all. Best wishes, Pj x

Jooles Hill said...

I'm impressed! I need to start my christmas baking too and like you I always use Delia's recipe.
love jooles xxx