Friday, 22 November 2013

Days 322 to 326

Another week has whizzed by!  These are my 365 photos for this week:-
Day 322 of 365
Maurice busy doing nothing!  The cats are definitely staying in more now that the weather has turned colder. 
Day 323 of 365
Getting home from work later than usual, as I had the bright idea of cutting out a map of the world for a new display (someone please stop me when I have these ideas!) and I was more than ready for a cup of my new favourite tea!
Day 324 of 365
Yucky weather!  The heavy rain turned into hail.  I was glad to be indoors with my wool.
Day 325 of 365
Out Christmas shopping - only one more gift to buy! :)  I like to get all of my shopping done early before the town gets crowded.
Day 326 of 365
Nearly finished my wrist warmers - just waiting for the snowflakes to fall! :)  I have also started another crochet project as a Christmas gift, but I can't show that here as it may spoil the surprise for someone.
Only 32 days till Christmas! :) Pj x


Maria said...

Goodness I am wishing I was as organised as your good self, PJ! ~ hehe! I have started but only marginally....Kitties all sleepy and round the radiators in this house too! Have to literally show them the door and push them gently....Keep cosy and happy Weekend to you!! Hugs Maria x

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Maria, yes the cats always know the best place to be! Best wishes, Pj x