Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Days 313 to 317

More 365 photos - I find that the weeks are speeding by now and winter is starting to move in.
Day 313 of 365
Bonfire night was celebrated last Saturday in our village with the annual display of fireworks.  They are always worth a visit.  This year was the first time we have been without our children and it seemed a little strange. :(
Day 314 of 365
My Christmas preparations continue - Sunday I baked our mini Christmas puddings.  They are wrapped up and in the freezer now.  Another item off my list of things to do.
Day 315 of 365
Our homegrown pumpkins and winter squashes are sitting pretty on the patio table ready to be munched.  I love baked squashes and butternut squash soup - always a winter favourite.
Day 316 of 365
Catching up with the Canny CAL crochet.  I have three more squares to complete and then I will have enough for another SIBOL blanket.
Day 317 of 365
Last night we had our first frost of the season.  This morning I picked this Abraham d'Arby rose, the last one this bush will probably produce this year.
The dahlias are now looking a little sad, so this afternoon I will lift the rest of them from the garden and dry out the tubers in the greenhouse, before storing them in the garage away from future frosts.
I have heard that we are in for a cold winter - I'm hoping for snow! :)

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