Sunday, 17 November 2013

Days 318 to 321

Four more 365 photos that take us past the middle of November.  Only a month and a half left to photograph and then it will be 2014!
Day 318 of 365
Thursday I went Christmas shopping and managed to almost finish all my gift buying.  What I couldn't get in town I ordered on-line once I arrived back home.  I also popped into the supermarket on the other side of town and look what I found!  I have four vintage Babycham glasses, so I couldn't resist this 60th Anniversary glass.
Day 319 of 365
As usual my Christmas cactus starts blooming too early for Christmas!
Day 320 of 365
Jack Frost is definitely nipping at our toes now. The frost stayed on the garden for some time, making everything sparkle.  There are still plenty of leaves on the trees - whilst driving around the ring road this week, I noticed that the autumn colours are quite spectacular.
Day 321 of 365
Yesterday my new circular knitting needles arrived in the post.  I shouldn't really be using them as they are part of my Christmas present from my parents, but I so wanted to start these fingerless gloves and I so dislike double-pointed needles!  Dp's and I just don't get on - I always end up with a loose stitch at  each needle change, but a couple of days ago I heard about the Magic Loop Method and as it would happen I had already ordered (my parents aren't Silver Surfers!) these new needles for Christmas.  How serendipitous is that!?
So this morning I will be Magic Looping to my heart's content! :)


Brigitte Peetermans said...


I just found you via via.

At first I read "snake garden"
That was a bit creepy.
Snails are so much better.

You've got a very nice garden and so many beautiful pictures of it.

I also like your cats. Maurice is a very very pretty name (at first we thought about calling our cat Hugo, Maurice).

Happy to have been at your blog,

Brigitte from Belgium

thesnailgarden said...

Hi Brigitte, welcome to my blog. No snakes in my garden, just plenty of snails! :) Best wishes, Pj x

Helen Philipps said...

You sound so wonderfully organised! Love all your pictures. The frosty garden looks lovely and so does your new knitting.
Wishing you a happy week.
Helen x

Down by the sea said...

I wished I was as organised as you are with your Christmas shopping! it will be fun back at this year looking at the daily images you have taken.
Sarah x

thesnailgarden said...

Thank you Helen and Sarah for your kind comments. Best wishes, Pj x