Saturday, 9 November 2013

Days 308 to 312

Continuing my 365 project with another 5 photos:-

Day 308 of 365
Grocery shopping for Christmas ingredients and I couldn't resist this tin of treacle!  When it is empty I shall be keeping this tin.
Day 309 of 365
Tuesday I photographed these fossils that my Husband and I found on the beach at Charmouth last month.  I have various stones, shells and fossils dotted around the house and garden - souvenirs of past holidays.
Day 310 of 365
My crochet hook and I have been busy this week catching up on the CAL I am participating in on Ravelry.  These squares are for my next SIBOL blanket.
Day 311 of 365
It was a lovely sunny day here on Thursday so I tidied up the patio and planted some daffodil bulbs in the garden.  It made a change from all the rain we have had recently!
Day 312 of 365
The rain is back, so I stayed warm and dry in the kitchen, making 6lbs of mincemeat ready for Christmas.  I also crocheted this holly leaf - playing with ideas for the festive season.  
Next up are the Christmas puddings!

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Anne said...

We have similar fossils from when we visited Charmouth beach a couple of years back!